We open the atelier (workshop) at “Institut français KYUSYU” at 2pm on March 5th (Thur) in Akasaka, Fukuoka. We will create a unique calligraphic art work together in short time.

In the first half, we have a lecture about calligraphy, and practice of basic calligraphy based on Kanji and alphabet. (Kanji is presented a favorite sample that you can select from seal style, square style, semi cursive style,  and cursive style. )

In the second half, you decide what characters you want to write,  and focus on creating artwork in Kanji, French, or a mixing style. We have a special board that can be framed and decorated without any backing, so you select and write one from various sizes. Finally, you do sealing and complete your work.

Tools are available, so please bring your seals.

Let’s have fun to create your own original calligraphy works!

We look forward to seeing you.

Here is more information → Institut français KYUSYU

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