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Pursuing the possibility of calligraphy to the world of ink


Something can be created when I push me to the edge, review my works, and become innocent.

Calligraphy is called “a beauty of the moment.”

In this beauty, my cultivated time is embedded with my mind and sentiment.


“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to present the works that
I produced inspired by facets of myself that change perpetually,
the accumulation of time and the contemplating of the now.

I would like to expand the expressive potential of calligraphy by exploring various techniques.
I hope that you will enjoy the declension of calligraphic expression.

My wish to calligraphy is that I draw an intentional line inside of contingency,
and discover a contingent line inside of intention.

I am glad if you feel a "my new existence" from the wish expressed in my works.”

Shofu Yoshimoto